How To Collect Dna From Saliva In Children

Obtaining DNA of quality and in sufficient quantity to carry out genetic studies in children is a real challenge. In those studies that require high amounts of DNA, the traditional method that is usually used is the extraction of blood. Over the last years, looking for a less invasive alternative, there are more and more kits that allow the collection and preservation of DNA from saliva in children .

In this post we collect two of the newest kits to collect, preserve and extract DNA from saliva in children.

Why Collect Dna From Saliva In Children?

As we mentioned before, the traditional method for obtaining DNA, both in adults and in children, is the extraction of blood. However, this is an invasive process that has many disadvantages, which are even more so when it comes to the smallest:

  • Painful puncture for children.
  • Psychological suffering for parents.
  • Complex procedure for the technical personnel performing the extraction, due to the small size of the veins and the fear of pain experienced by patients.

For all these reasons, a method that allows the collection and stabilization of DNA from saliva in children would offer a non-invasive method as an alternative in these cases.

The Canadian company DNA Genotek , the market leader in saliva collection kits for DNA extraction for more than 10 years, has developed a battery of saliva DNA collection and stabilization kits that allow:

  • Easy sample collection, transportation and processing
  • Painless and non-invasive collection
  • Obtaining high amounts of high-quality DNA
  • DNA stable at room temperature for years
  • Tubes and liquid samples compatible with automated work processes

What If Children Are Not Able To Properly Spit Saliva?

For these cases, DNA Genotek has developed specific kits that allow DNA from saliva to be collected in children and other patients or donors who are unable to spit, such as the elderly, the sick, etc.

The kit incorporates special swabs that facilitate collection, while maintaining the specifications regarding stability and DNA performance of traditional kits from this house.

You can expand the information on the two specific kits for the collection of DNA from saliva in children here: OG-575 and OC-175 .

What Advantages Do These Kits Offer Compared To Other Swabs Available On The Market?

  • Bacteriostats: DNA stabilizing agents inhibit bacterial growth, reducing the need to process the sample immediately after collection, and allowing it to be stable at room temperature for long periods of time.
  • Liquid sample allows
    • Integration with standard laboratory equipment
    • Easy sample processing in the laboratory
    • Use with liquid sample handling robots
    • Reduce manual steps, thus reducing the probability of errors and cross contamination.
  • Harvest protocol much faster and more agile, since they do not require a drying time.